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The witnesses are characters who appear in Edgy Oobi, a fan-made series of videos on YouTube.


The witnesses appear in the "Uma Gets a Job!" video. When Oobi (in character as "Pimp Daddy") kills the welcher and buries him, he realizes that a trio of hands were watching him the whole time, so he has to get rid of the witnesses.

The first witness, a blue-eyed hand, jaywalks across the street. Pimp Daddy takes his car and runs him over. The second witness, a red-eyed hand, goes home to take a bath. Peaceful music plays as he sits in the tub. Carl Orff's O Fortuna plays as Pimp Daddy drags an oversized toaster to the tub. In slow motion, he throws it in and shocks are heard, showing that he got rid of the second witness. The third witness is on the toilet and hears someone say "My name is Jeff!" in the distance.

Messa da Requiem: Dies irae plays as the third witness hears knocks at the bathroom door and realizes his impending doom. Random clips of Oobi eyes on a cat are played as the music gets louder and more dramatic. Pimp Daddy opens the door and shouts, "My name is Jeff!" as he exterminates the third and final witness. Speak Softly, Love from The Godfather plays as Pimp Daddy puts the three witnesses' pairs of googly eyes on a dart board. The entire scene is in black and white.


  • The first witness who got hit by a car has blue googly eyes just like Welcher.
  • The second witness has yellow googly eyes just like Uma.
  • The third witness who got electrocuted in the bathroom and got shot in the toilet has red googly eyes just like Oobi and Grampu.




  • "Oh shit!" (said by the blue-eyed witness)
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