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Welcome to Oobi

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Video series
January 26, 2020

Welcome to Oobi was an idea for a full series of fan-made videos on YouTube. The videos were going to be about Oobi moving to Springfield as a teenager. Only one video called Oobi's Opening Ceremony was made.


The creator made the series because he wanted to do fan videos in the style of BluedogAndBelly. There would have been six videos in the first series, but they were put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, and were later cancelled. The first and only video uses some character names from other YouTube channels, like BluedogAndBelly and SparklezFish, as tributes to them.


Dave, Charlie, and Kakoo from BluedogAndBelly are featured as a tribute to that channel. There is also a red-eyed puppet who is meant to be Mr. China from the old video Uma Orders Chinese Food.


In the only video; titled "Oobi's Opening Ceremony", Oobi and Kako host a party at Jillian's Restaurant. As soon as their friend Charlie arrives, everything goes wrong. Arnold fools around with Kako at the pool table, and Dave tries to eat Mr. China at the Hibachi Grill. Meanwhile, Uma remembers her childhood memories with Oobi, Charlie goes bowling, and Kakoo comes over to grab a bite. In the end, Oobi reminds Kako to never come to Jillian's again.



Welcome to Oobi - Oobi's Opening Ceremony