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"Uma Joins an MLM" is the seventh (and possibly final) video in the fan-made series Edgy Oobi. It was uploaded in August 2019 after a year-long hiatus.



Uma joins an MLM and Oobi smokes some crack in this one, fellas.


Oobi is in the kitchen, drooling over photos of Ben Shapiro and squirting hand lotion everywhere. He's interrupted by Uma, who says that she needs more money. She explains that she can't get a good job because she only has a useless high school GED in horse psychology and sport science. Oobi suggests that she should check Facebook for job listings.

Uma goes on Facebook and finds a spam message from "Maeghkeilaughe Smith," a girl from her high school class. The message is part of a multi-level marketing scheme, and Uma is tricked by it. She ends up buying $10,000 worth of makeup products from Maeghkeilaughe. After the scheme is done, Uma tells Oobi that she's gotten 15 death threats and a SWAT team is currently en route to their house.

Oobi figures that the only way to save themselves is to sell all the makeup so they can make their money back. They go into town and try to convince strangers to buy it, but the strangers get mad and cover them in suspicious chocolate. Oobi says that their plan has failed and they wasted all of Grampu's retirement fund on the makeup. He gets the idea to sell the makeup to Grampu, which would make Grampu think he spent all the money himself. After Grampu comes home, they aren't able to convince him to buy the makeup. Fortunately, Grampu has been selling crack to make money.

Oobi decides to "go to France" which is a metaphor for smoking crack. He has an extended hallucination where he lives in France and works as an artist. He draws a woman's face and the palm of a hand. Oobi's friend Angus sees the art and says it's awful and disgusting. Referencing the previous video, Oobi asks why Angus didn't die from seeing his bad art. Angus explains that the French are immune to bad art.

Oobi's hallucination ends, but he is still high on crack and keeps chanting "Je mange l'orange!" (French for "I eat the orange"). Uma says to Oobi, "What the heck are you saying? The official United States language is American, so I suggest you use it. And I suggest you lay off the crack for a while. It's really getting to your head, man." Grampu explains that he also had a France-themed hallucination earlier in the day.

Oobi picks up the rest of his crack, but a policeman pops up and tells him to surrender it. Oobi rushes to the bathroom and throws his crack in the toilet, then jumps in after it. He lands in the sewer, where he meets the rapper 6ix9ine (actually just a hand puppet with a mask). At first, 6ix9ine tries to bond with Oobi and explains that he's just escaped from prison. Oobi realizes that 6ix9ine is a convicted felon and tries to fight him. 6ix9ine sheds his mask and turns into Steve Buscemi.

Oobi finds a butter knife in the sewer water and uses it to defeat Steve Buscemi. A huge explosion happens, and Oobi uses the butter knife to climb up the sewer. He pops up back in the bathroom, where the policeman is waiting for him. The policeman tells Oobi to hand over the crack, and Oobi asks, "What crack?" The policeman actually believes him and says "Dang, this guy is good."




Edgy Oobi - Episode 7 - Uma Joins an MLM


  • "Maeghkeilaughe Smith" was actually made as a real Facebook account by the Edgy Oobi creators. It can be found here.
  • Maeghkeilaughe's account uses a picture of Angus. It's possible that Maeghkeilaughe is just Angus pretending to be someone else online.
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