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This page is for Uma in one fan-made video series, "Edgy Oobi." See here for the original version of Uma.

Uma is one of the main characters of Edgy Oobi, a fan-made series of videos on YouTube.


Uma is Oobi's younger sister. She usually goes along with whatever Oobi says or does, and it's shown in most videos that she is gullible and easily convinced. However, she is much smarter and less morally corrupt than all of the other characters.

Compared to the background characters (who are extremely selfish) and Oobi and Grampu (who make terrible decisions), Uma is more level-headed. Uma has actually shown some genuine and unironic concern for her family on more than one occasion.


Like everyone in the family, Uma is a hand puppet with no accessories or clothes. She has yellow googly eyes and is the only main character whose googly eyes are not red.



  • Her voice is very deep and she is obviously voiced by a guy.
    • However, this is never pointed out and the characters act like her voice is completely normal, which adds to the humor.



  • "What's wrong with you?"
  • "The official United States language is American, so I suggest you use it."
  • "Lay off the crack for a while. It's really getting to your head, man."
  • "Pimp Daddy, we've got a problem!"
  • (while pouring Special K cereal) "Lucky Charms, the magical cure for any sickness."
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