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Special Announcements

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Video series
November 6, 2011 - November 4, 2015

Special Announcements is a fan-made series of videos on YouTube. It was made by the channel BluedogAndBelly as a way to give updates about their Oobi fan films and videos.


An uptight, nervous, and very unlucky Oobi puppet named Announcer Hand hosts his own news show and gives viewers up-to-date information on fan-made videos like Oobi's New House and An Oobi Vacation.


The first Special Announcements video was uploaded on November 6, 2011. There were regular episodes from then until mid-2012, when they became more rare.

On April 11, 2014, a single announcement was made starring Announcer Hand in a completely new background.

On November 4, 2015, the last video in the series was made. It was about the future of the BluedogAndBelly channel and their new series, Oobi and Kakoo, which only lasted for a short while.



Each announcement video was made private after a few months of being on YouTube, so a complete list of them is unknown. The first video was Special Announcement: 11/6/11, the second-to-last video was Special Announcement: 4/11/14, and the last video was 11/4/15.