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A thumbnail for the video "Pool Party!"

SAVAGE Oozi! is a series of fan-made comedy skits on YouTube. The videos were first uploaded in 2017.


The videos are about Oobi (renamed Oozi), Uma (renamed Hula), and Grampu (renamed Grandpop) getting into random shenanigans with lots of sound effects and violence. Oozi loves gaming and eating junk food. Hula has a nasally voice and likes to play with cars and bubbles. Grandpop talks in a falsetto voice and is totally unpredictable. There are also some side characters, like:

  • The Neighbor, the gang's angry neighbor who is super protective of his wall
  • Bertha, Grandpop's girlfriend who wears a bandana over her bald head
  • Bob Billy Joe, a human who is Grandpop's friend
  • Pizza Pusheen, a plush cat who has a crush on Oozi

No matter what happens in the videos, they usually end with a jokey moral, like "Make sure everything is dealt with before you eat your cereal" or "Take a chill pill." When a video is themed around a holiday, the moral is replaced with a happy holidays message.


2017 videos

  • The Stalker!
  • Car!
  • Salt!
  • Rough Chips!
  • Oobi's Fish!
  • Soap!
  • Uma Car!
  • Ice!
  • Uma Phone!
  • Water War!
  • The Golden Pumpkin!
  • Paused!
  • Porch Stew!

2018 videos

  • Cream of Wheat!
  • Grampu's Special Cup!
  • Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!
  • Oobi's Playtime!
  • Last Cookie!
  • Cranberry Juice!
  • Chiki Stix!
  • The Oobi Pill!
  • Soggy!
  • Walnut!
  • Porch S2!

2019 videos

  • Plant Duty!
  • Voting Day!
  • No Grampu's!
  • The Present!
  • Uma's Mistake!
  • Oobi's Toy!
  • Don't Touch the AC!
  • Uma's Balloon!
  • The Skids!
  • Trashcan Incident!
  • The Bully!
  • Pumpkin Stranger!
  • The Watcher!
  • Grampu's Mistake!
  • The Ginormous Rock!

2020 videos

  • Savagetine's Day!
  • Oozi Becomes a Spartan!
  • Hula Choke!
  • Pumpkin Stranger's Truth!
  • Take Out the Trash!
  • April Fools!
  • Hula Bubbles!
  • Fearster!
  • Bird Watching!
  • Hula's Digital Trip!
  • Lost Flower!
  • The Missing Toothbrush!
  • Pool Party!
  • Don't Plug in the Vacuum!
  • Chocolate!
  • Secret Santa!

2021 videos

  • Oozi Delivery!
  • The Candy Box!
  • Tabasco Sauce!
  • Hula Prank!
  • Orange Eyes!
  • The Arrival!

2022 videos

  • D.N.A.N.E.


The videos have also been uploaded under random names like "Angry Oobi" and "Angry/Savage Oozi." They are all part of the same series.