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"Oobi Tries Art" is the sixth video in the fan-made series Edgy Oobi. It was uploaded in August 2018 after a year-long hiatus.



In an episode full of plot twists, cuts to random footage from New York promo videos, and ridiculous violence, Oobi tries to show his latest painting to everyone around town.


Oobi watches a Bob Ross video and decides to make a painting. To make his art, he randomly scrubs brown paint on a paper and screams. He says to himself, "Through the teachings of the legendary Bob Ross, I have acquired godlike painting skills." Oobi finishes the painting, calls it a masterpiece, and sets out to show it to everyone.

In the kitchen, Grampu is writing a love letter on a piece of toilet paper. He asks Oobi which word means "water hungry," and Oobi tells him that it's "thirsty." Next, Oobi shows his painting to Grampu. The painting is so horrible that Grampu loses his will to live. Grampu runs outside, covers himself in gasoline, and sets himself on fire (a "severed hand" Halloween prop was used instead of the actual Grampu). Oobi watches the whole thing nonchalantly.

Oobi hides in a bush, ashamed of what his painting did to Grampu. Uma walks by and asks what's going on. Oobi gets out of the bush and shows her what happened to Grampu. Uma wonders what made Grampu "kill himself again," and Oobi explains that he just showed Grampu his painting. He shows Uma the painting, and she screams and dashes into the kitchen. She grabs a butter knife and covers herself in ketchup. Next, Oobi tries to talk to Kako, but Kako sees the painting and is immediately gone.

Confused and depressed, Oobi decides to blow off some steam and do some crack. While he's high, he hangs his painting up on a tree. The painting is revealed to the viewers for the first time: it's an obscene drawing of a well-endowed Oobi puppet. Oobi sits outside on his lawn chair and admires the painting through his blurry, crack-affected vision. A few random neighbors see the painting and run away.

Oobi falls asleep, but he gets woken up by Uma. Oobi realizes that if Uma's still alive, everything else must have been a bad dream. Uma points out that Grampu's googly eyes are still on the lawn, so it wasn't a dream. She explains that she and Grampu hired actors to play themselves and keep Oobi occupied. It was those actors that saw Oobi's painting, not the real Uma, Grampu, or Kako.

Oobi can't believe that Uma and Grampu have been lying to him this whole time. He says that his entire life has been a lie, and he jumps back into the bushes. Uma persuades him to come out. He slowly raises his painting up. This time, the real Uma sees it and runs off. Oobi realizes that, since his painting makes everyone else scream and run away, he could use it to rule the world.

A hand puppet version of Uncle Ben from Spider-Man pops up. He reminds Oobi that "with great power comes great responsibili-tay." Oobi turns around, accidentally showing the painting. Uncle Ben says "OH MY GAH--" but he's cut off, and the video ends.




Edgy Oobi - Episode 6 - Oobi Tries Art


  • This is the only episode of 2018.
  • Kako appears officially for the first time.
  • Footage from Haircut, an episode of the original Oobi show, appears at two points in the video.
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