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Oobi and Soul

Oobi and Soul

Oobi and Soul is a fan-made music video. In the video, two hand puppets play "Heart and Soul" on the piano, accompanied by Tworegon's music. The video was created on January 6, 2008. (Read more)

Potatohead781 Oobi Meets A New Friend

Potatohead781 is a fan-made spin-off. It has become a successful series of videos starring hand puppets named after their eye colors. In each episode, the puppets will discover something new, whether it's shoes, candy or a birthday party. The series ran from June 2010 until October 2010. (Read more)
Oobi Fanon News
  • closed in 2013, along with its sitewide YouTube promotion that started Oobi Eyes fan films in the first place. Because the site is gone, we've started a few pages here on the wiki dedicated to it, all with links to the Wayback Machine's archive of the website pre-closure.
  • Our site, formerly known as the Oobi Fan Films Wiki, has been renamed "Oobi Eyes Wiki" to better suit its new focus on more than just fan films: we now have info on fan-created video series, characters, puppet costumes and more.
  • The fan-made series Oobi Babies was brought back temporarily. It ended on August 22, 2014.
  • A sequel to Oobi in Brookline has been made: Oobi in Captiva! In the follow-up video, Oobi visits a swimming pool in Captiva, Florida.
  • Five Super Uma and Frank videos have been made available on YouTube.
  • Oobi's New House ended on April 30, 2012 with a groundbreaking series finale.
  • A continuation of An Oobi Vacation, titled Another Oobi Vacation, has been uploaded to YouTube.


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Oobi Babies - Umbrella Suite

Oobi Babies - Umbrella Suite

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Oobi Hand Puppet in New York City

Oobi visiting New York City.

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