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Oobi: Vingerzene is a fan-made series.


GOOD EVENING EVERBODY! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?! Well, Oobi, Uma, Kako and Grampu sure are! In Philadelphia, there is a hot new band in town! They are known as Vingerzene, and they are ready to rock out their problems away!


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Oobi (Tim Lagasse) is a four-year-old boy. He is curious and always willing to learn something new. Unlike the other characters, he is a completely bare puppet aside from his eyes and wears no accessories or clothes. His eyes are brown in the short episodes and hazel in the long-form episodes. Recurring elements in the series include Oobi's aspiration to become a piano player and his favorite toy, a miniature red model car. He acts as a role model to his younger sister, Uma, who often looks to him for guidance. He does the vocals and also plays bass guitar.

Uma (Stephanie D'Abruzzo) is Oobi's three-year-old sister. She is shorter than Oobi and usually wears a barrette on her pinky finger. She loves singing, dancing, and pretending. Chickens are her favorite animal, and she will often talk about and imitate them, much to Grampu's annoyance. She has a tendency to comically overreact to minor changes or inconveniences. Her catchphrases are "Nice!" and "Pretty." Because she is so young, she has trouble pronouncing long words. She plays piano.

Kako (Noel MacNeal) is Oobi's excitable, confident, and slightly arrogant best friend. Kako generally has a playful attitude and often cracks jokes, but he can prove to be insightful and sincere whenever Oobi needs advice. He has green eyes and wears a red knit cap. His catchphrase is "Perfecto," the Spanish word for "perfect." Unlike Oobi and Uma, Kako comes from a nuclear family consisting of himself and his parents, Mamu and Papu. He plays lead guitar.

Grampu (Tyler Bunch) is Oobi and Uma's wise and sometimes rather unlucky grandfather, who acts as their caregiver and mentor. His appearance is different from that of the children; four of his fingers are curled instead of being extended, making him look taller. His favorite pastimes are cooking and gardening. He develops a romantic relationship with Oobi's piano teacher, Inka, throughout the series. His catchphrase is "Lovely!" He plays the drums.

Inka (Stephanie D'Abruzzo) is Oobi's piano teacher and Grampu's love interest. She often takes Grampu on dates and flirts with him when she visits Oobi's house. She hails from Paris, is fond of French foods, and has an ambiguous Eastern European accent.

Angus (Matt Vogel) is a high-strung friend of Oobi's whose eyes are below his fingers rather than on top. He speaks in a nasal voice and tends to worry about how he looks in front of others. Ironically, he is a gifted actor and has a talent for singing but gets stage fright whenever he has to perform in front of an audience.

Mrs. Johnson (Jennifer Barnhart) is Oobi's elderly neighbor and one of the few left-handed characters on the show. She wears a white wig, glasses with circular lenses, and a sleeve-like brown dress. She has a pet cat with a propensity to climb up trees.

Mamu and Papu (Frankie Cordero) are Kako's parents, who appear whenever Oobi visits Kako's house. Papu is the homemaker of the household and is not currently employed. Mamu works at an office and is frequently away from home, but she still finds time to spend with her family.

Maestru (James Godwin) is Vingerzene's mentor and helper, who works at the local community center. He is also in charge of the town events. He wears a bow tie and a gray wig made to look like Ludwig van Beethoven's hairstyle. His index finger is always extended and he uses it as a conducting baton.

Frieda the Foot (Cheryl Blaylock) is a five-year-old girl portrayed as a talking foot puppet. She has blue eyes and wears a flower-shaped pin on one of her toes. Oobi and Frieda often play with each other at the park and teach each other how to play different games. She represents a person of a different race or culture from the hand puppets, and episodes featuring her involve themes of social integration and diversity.

Moppie (Heather Asch) is Uma's best friend from preschool. She has curly red hair, and her fingers are curled in a fist-like position. She is high-spirited and energetic, but also afraid to try new things. Her favorite activity is drawing portraits of her classmates.

Bella (Lisa Buckley) is a greengrocer and one of Grampu's close friends. She owns the local grocery store and speaks with an exaggerated Italian accent. She is shown to bring fruit wherever she goes, regardless of the time or situation.

Hunghand (Kevin Clash) is a new character that debuts in the reboot. He comes from another planet. He is shown to bring his aura mind phone wherever he goes. He speaks with a Russian accent.

Wild Fist (Peter Linz) is a new character and the main antagonist of the show. He comes from a cave and attacks people with his weapons, such as a frying pan, aura to speed up or down time, etc. He speaks with an Mid-African accent.



  1. The Beginning - Oobi and company begin their career as a rock band. Song: "Kickin' It Down"
  2. It's a Living - Oobi encounters a dimension from Hunghand's Planet. Song: "You'd Better Believe It"
  3. The Kako Show! - Insanity arises when Kako starts his own TV show. Song: "The Show will Go On!"
  4. What's Going On? - Oobi becomes wild when a cloning mirror goes out of control. Song: "Many Me"
  5. Pizza Day Afternoon - Oobi, Uma and Kako try to get the massive pizza at Cheesy Carl's. Will they succeed? Song: "Oh, Pizza"
  6. Oobsters! - Mythical Oobsters invade Oobi's house. Song: "Oobster Attack"
  7. Go Oobi Go! - Today's the annual Puppetsburg Trackway 500! Will Oobi win? Song: "Racing Over"
  8. The Flying Whatchamacallit Oobi discovers a weird thing in the sky and can't make out what it is. Song: "What It Does"
  9. The Void - All of the hands get trapped in Hunghand's Void, located in his planet called "Foodaria". Will they escape? Song: "Happy Day"
  10. Sailing Down the Stream - Oobi made his own boat to travel around the dimension. Song: "Sailing over the sea"
  11. It's a Living II: Kako's Movie - Kako will make his own movie. Song: "Lights, Camera, Action"
  12. Stank Yankers - Grampu pranks all of his friends because of the stink bomb. Song: "Stink Bomb"
  13. You Go, Grampu! - Grampu nails his bass guitar and becomes a legend. Song: "Demolition"
  14. Watch Ball Swing - Wild Fist turns Kako and Uma in slow motion, and Oobi and Grampu get locked in their room! Will they ever find a way to play a new song? Song: "Without You (sad song turns into edgy rock music after Oobi, Uma and Kako sing "Without you...")
  15. Cheesesteak, Anyone? - TBA Song: "Cheesy Steak"
  16. Zing Boom - Angus falls in love with a girl that looks a lot like him. Song: "It's Oh So Quiet"