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The kidnapper hands are two villains in Edgy Oobi, a fan-made series of videos on YouTube.


The kidnapper hands are two members of ISIS. In "Grampu Gets Kidnapped," they (obviously) kidnap Grampu. They call Oobi and say that they'll only return him if Oobi delivers a million dollars to them. They arrange for Oobi to put the cash behind Whole Foods at 7 PM, but he doesn't follow through, leading them to seemingly mind-wipe Grampu. The kidnapper hands are indirectly mentioned in "Oobi Tries Lean" which continues the storyline of the previous episode.


Like the other characters, they are two bare hand puppets. One has green eyes and no clothes. The other has blue eyes and a black robe.



  • "This is ISIS. Give us a million dollars or we will kill Grampu."
  • "Um... hello?"
  • "Deliver the money behind Whole Foods at 7 PM tomorrow or you will never see Grampu again."


  • The blue-eyed kidnapper has the same eyes as the judge and the welcher. His partner has the same eyes as the street guy and could very well be the same guy.
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