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Kakoo is a fan-made character. She was made by the YouTube channel BluedogAndBelly. She is a main character in a few of their videos, like Oobi and Kakoo and An Oobi Vacation.


Kakoo's eyes

One of Kakoo's clones

Oobi and Kakoo as babies

Kakoo in the dark

Kakoo writing a note

Kakoo (pronounced like "kaw-koo") has a huge crush on Oobi and calls herself his girlfriend. She is very annoying and lives in a cluster of junk. She usually messes up anything she touches, but she is very cheerful and unaware she causes harm on anything.

Kakoo has a mother named Makoo and a father named Pakoo. Kakoo is an only child, and a mix of her parents. Kakoo's mom has pink eyes, and Kakoo's dad has purple eyes.

Kakoo is one of BluedogAndBelly's longest-running and most common characters.


Kakoo is a hand puppet with skin. She has heterochromia, which is a condition that causes her eyes to be different colors. One of her eyes is pink and the other is purple. The colors switch between her left and right eyes depending on the video.


Kakoo is featured in all of BluedogAndBelly's main fan-made series. She's also mentioned in their update videos, Special Announcements, and featured as a tribute in the unrelated video Oobi's Opening Ceremony by a different creator.