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"Grampu Gets Kidnapped" is the third video in the fan-made series Edgy Oobi.



Grampu mysteriously doesn't come back from his daily trip to Whole Foods. Oobi and Uma find out what happened to Grampu and conjure up a genius plan to get their cherished grandfather back.


Oobi and Uma are planning Grampu's "seventh" birthday party. They look over their checklist and have everything they need: party hats, a birthday cake that appears to be a bomb, and a heart-shaped balloon that says "Happy birthday princess" on it. They figure Grampu will be back from his trip to Whole Foods soon, so they wait by the front door. When he doesn't show up, they start to wonder where he is.

Oobi gets a call on his phone and thinks it's from Papa John's pizzeria. He picks up the call and it's actually two hands from ISIS calling. They say they've kidnapped Grampu and will only return him if Oobi delivers a million dollars to them. They say to put the cash behind Whole Foods at 7 PM. If Oobi doesn't follow through, ISIS says they'll execute Grampu.

Oobi explains everything to Uma and they realize this is urgent. They decide to print a fake million-dollar bill and put it behind Whole Foods. When the two ISIS members find it, they call Oobi again and say "You did not take our demands seriously. Say goodbye to Grampu." Without any fresh ideas, Oobi and Uma decide to just order a new Grampu off of the internet.

They go to MailOrderGrampu.com and choose the ripest Grampu. When their new Grampu is finally delivered, they take him out of the box and he is just silent. Uma asks if the box came with instructions, but nothing else was inside the box. Grampu starts to chant in Persian, revealing he may be the same Grampu from before but after a massive brain-wipe. Oobi and Uma realize they've messed up.




Edgy Oobi - Episode 3 - Grampu Gets Kidnapped


  • The next video, "Oobi Tries Lean," continues the plot of this episode.
  • Desiigner is revealed to be disguised as the mail-order Grampu in the next episode.
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