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This page is for Grampu in one fan-made video series, "Edgy Oobi." See here for the original version of Grampu.

Grampu is a character in Edgy Oobi, a fan-made series of videos on YouTube.


Grampu is Oobi and Uma's grandfather. He claims to be 7 years old, but is clearly much older. For most of the series, he has a job as a snake milker. However, in episode 5, he doesn't milk enough snakes and gets fired by his boss. He gets a new job at the end of the episode, but his new workplace hasn't been revealed yet.

He almost always addresses other people as "phat," "bish," or "thot."


Like his family members, Grampu is a hand puppet with no accessories or clothes. Just like his grandson Oobi, he has red googly eyes. The only difference between Oobi and Grampu's appearances is that Grampu has his fingers curled up in the front.




  • He is the oldest character in the series.
  • His actual children (not grandchildren) are never mentioned or seen. It's unknown if they are still alive.
  • He celebrates his "7th" birthday in "Grampu Gets Kidnapped."


  • "Wanna go to Walmart?"
  • "I'm dippin' out."
  • "Begone, phat!"
  • "Ya got a better idea, bish?"
  • "We're gonna have to slang that good cush on the streets."
  • "God, I miss Brendan Fraser."
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