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This is a list of videos in the fan-made series Edgy Oobi on YouTube.


Main series

These are the episodes in the main, numbered series.

  1. "Oobi Gets Addicted to Memes"
  2. "Uma Sick"
  3. "Grampu Gets Kidnapped"
  4. "Oobi Tries Lean"
  5. "Uma Gets a Job!"
  6. "Oobi Tries Art"
  7. "Uma Joins an MLM"

Edgy Oobi Extras

These are other videos uploaded on the Edgy Oobi channel that don't follow the same storyline as the main series.

Edgy Oobi
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Main videos
Oobi Gets Addicted to MemesUma SickGrampu Gets KidnappedOobi Tries LeanUma Gets a Job!Oobi Tries ArtUma Joins an MLM
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