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Desiigner is a character in the fan-made video series Edgy Oobi. He is a villain and possibly the main antagonist.


Desiigner is a rapper in the real world. In Edgy Oobi, he is a villain bent on destroying Oobi and Uma. In "Grampu Gets Kidnapped," he is an ally of the kidnapper hands and gets sent to Oobi's house disguised as a replacement Grampu. In the next episode, "Oobi Tries Lean," he steals all of Oobi and Uma's table candles and harnesses their power. After revealing his true identity to Oobi and Uma, he pelts them with candles in an attempt to destroy them, but his lean-vision gets the best of him and he can't figure out where to aim the candles. He misses Oobi and Uma with every shot and uses up all of his candle power, and the episode ends with him exploding from humiliation and a lean overdose.


Like the other characters, he is a bare hand puppet with no clothes, but he wears a Desiigner mask.



  • "LMAO! Good luck stopping me now!"
  • "Alright, kids, stand still so I can kill ya. I can't see well because of the blurry vision caused by my excessive use of lean."
  • "That's it. You have defeated me. Lean is wack, my dudes."


  • He is the only villain to have a two-episode story arc dedicated to him.
  • It is assumed that, in the fictional world of Edgy Oobi, he is dead.
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