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Danger Dinner is the third video in the fan-made series An Oobi Vacation.


Oobi cooks food for Dave.


Oobi hears a doorbell ring and answers the door to see Dave panting and drooling. He asks him how his trip to Antarctica was. Dave replies "No food...three days!" Oobi tells Dave he's only been gone for three minutes, but Dave makes Oobi prepare his favorite food: "butterscotch chunkies." The scene changes.

Dave and Oobi are seen on the porch. Dave is screaming "Butterscotch chunkies!" and Oobi doesn't know what it is, so he tells Dave he can have a sandwich instead. He gets two sandwiches (which is actually paper) and puts it on the table. Dave eats his and wonders where it went. He sees Oobi eating his sandwich, thinks he stole it, and tries to take it. The sandwich tears in half. Dave is furious! Charlie enters and asks "What in the world is happening?" but Dave flings him on the wall. Mr. Small comes in and asks him the same thing, but Dave throws him in a cup of lemonade. Dave sees the camera and eats it. The episode ends.



  • This is the first time Uma does not appear.



An Oobi Vacation - 4 - Danger Dinner