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Announcer Hand

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Hand puppet
Special Announcement: 11/6/2011

Announcer Hand is a fan-made character. He was made by the BluedogAndBelly YouTube channel to announce news about their fan-made Oobi videos.


Announcer Hand is an uptight and extremely unlucky news anchor, who is almost always nervous. He is the polar opposite of his laid-back costar, Big Fat Bear. One of his catchphrases is "Oh my gosh," which he often says in response to Big Fat Bear's random comments.


Announcer Hand is a hand puppet with fair skin and multicolored eyes. His eye color changes throughout every video. His most common eye color was pink with black pupils.

Fanon Appearances

Announcer Hand appeared in the Special Announcements videos from 2011 until 2015. Later on, he appeared in cooking-themed videos and update videos.


  • "I’m uncomfortable. Oh my gosh."
  • "Even though my soul is dying on the inside because of your...issues."
  • "I need to wash myself!"
  • "That was pretty fun, I guess."
  • "Are you trying to kill me?"
  • "Thanks for destroying my brain cells."
  • "What would it be like if we were a married couple?"
  • "This is a disaster."
  • "That's the cheapest comedy you can get."
  • "Well, thanks for the analogy, Big Fat Bear."
  • "No matter where we go or what we're doing, we always manage to make a mess!"
  • "This is why I hate cooking."


  • In Special Announcement: 11/8/2011, Announcer Hand's second video, it is revealed that he owns an iPod Touch.
  • Big Fat Bear creates a Play-Doh sculpture of Announcer Hand in a video titled "Play Doh!"